Terms of service

Tyl Offers & Tyl Rewards Cardholder Terms of Use

V3. May 2022

1 What are Tyl Offers and Tyl Rewards?

Tyl Offers is a platform that lets retailers publish offers to their existing, and potential, customers. When you use Tyl Offers, you will be able to see offers published by all retailers using the Tyl Offers platform, and our App will determine the order in which these are presented to you.

Tyl Rewards is a platform that lets retailers offer their customers rewards, in exchange for points, without the retailer having to give them a rewards card. It also automatically enables you to collect points when you pay using a card you have registered on the Tyl Rewards Platform at a participating retailer.

Both of the Platforms are available to you through the same App.

The participating retailers who use the Platforms are listed on the App.

2 What's this Document?

It sets out the terms and conditions applicable to your use of the Platforms via either the App or the website. These terms are between you (the person who has set up a profile on the App) and us, National Westminster Bank plc trading as Tyl by NatWest (we/us/our). You agree to them by downloading the App and registering a profile. A copy of the current terms applicable to the service will be accessible from the App.

It is important that you read and understand our Privacy Policy. Please read these documents carefully.

3 Getting Started

You need to download the Tyl Offers and Rewards App (from the iOS or Android App Stores) onto your compatible mobile device and set up a profile. You will need to set up security information to allow you to open the App. This protects your personal information stored in the App. Make sure you complete the information accurately and keep your information up to date. If you need to correct any information during or after you have set up your profile, follow the steps for how to do that in the App.

When you set up your profile, you have to register a payment card (like your debit card). We will then contact your card issuer to confirm your card details. You can register more than one card and we call these registered cards. Not all cards are eligible to be registered. Ineligible cards will be rejected when you try to register them. A card can only be registered against one customer profile.

Once your profile is set up, we'll tell you that you are ready to collect points, and claim offers and rewards.

4 Earning Points for Tyl Rewards

When you use a registered card to pay for your purchase at a participating retailer, you will automatically earn Tyl Rewards points with that retailer. You will have a separate points balance with each participating retailer, depending upon how much, or how often, you spend with each retailer. This means that you cannot use points you have earned with one participating retailer for rewards from other retailers. How many points you have built up with each participating retailer will show in the App. Points have no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for cash.

To protect your card details, we use a secure, coded, version of the long number from your payment card (known as a token) to match points you have earned with your registered card.

If your registered card details are stored in a digital wallet and you have used the digital wallet version of the card to pay for your purchase, you may earn points depending on the payment method used. You will earn points if you pay with a registered card using Apple Pay or Google Pay. You will not (currently) earn points if you pay with another mobile payments application or with something like PayPal; we will let you know if this changes.

You only earn points if you use your registered card (either physically, or through Apple Pay or Google Pay) to make a purchase. If you pay by other means, such as cash, cheque or bank transfer, you will not earn points.

When you register a card with your profile, you will find that you have already built up some points with retailers for any purchases you made with those retailers from the start date of their reward programme up to a maximum of the last 12 months before you had registered that card in the App. We will tell you if we change this 12 month period for historic points.

We may agree with a participating retailer that unused points will be deleted within a certain period of time after they are added to your profile. If we do this, then we will tell you about it.

If you receive a refund for a card payment which earned you rewards points, or if you dispute a card payment with your card issuing bank, the points you earned may be deducted from your points balance, even if you have already redeemed those points. This may result in you having a negative points balance with a participating retailer. You do not owe any money to a participating retailer for a negative points balance, however.

Points might not be added to your profile immediately after you make the payment, for example where the retailer has a returns period for something you have bought.

5 Claiming Offers and Redeeming Points

A retailer participating in Tyl Offers can publish offers which you may be able to claim through the App.

A retailer participating in Tyl Rewards can publish rewards allowing its customers to redeem a certain amount of points in exchange for a reward it will give you. You need to have enough points with that retailer to claim those rewards.

The Platforms publishes those offers and rewards on the App for you to view and access. The retailer may also have additional conditions which apply to the offers or rewards which are not detailed within the App, and so may communicate these to you separately.

When you claim this type of offer, or when you redeem the required number of points for a reward, you will receive a voucher which will be displayed in the App and you can show it to the retailer in person to request the offer or reward to be provided to you. You cannot print a voucher or present a copy of it in store.

When you redeem points for a voucher, we will deduct these points from your points balance with that retailer.

Each voucher will expire after a short amount of time (normally around 15 minutes, but details will be on the App). The amount of time you have left to use the voucher will be shown on the voucher in the App. If you do not use the voucher in time the points you redeemed will not be re-credited to your account and will be lost. Make sure you have enough time to take the voucher to the retailer's
store before you claim it.

You must not present any voucher to a participating retailer more than once.

Participating retailers can also withdraw any or all of their offers or rewards at any time, or edit any offer or reward at any time.

6 Do you pay Fees?

We do not charge you to register for or to claim offers or rewards.

We will notify you in advance if we wish to introduce any fees for any aspect of Tyl Offers and Rewards.

7 The Dos and Dont's of using the Platforms

What you must do:

(a) Only register to use the Platforms if you are over the age of 16
(b) Set up and maintain your profile with accurate information about yourself
(c) Only register your own payment cards
(d) Ensure the security of your profile and your security credentials and don't share them with others;
(e) Take reasonable steps to ensure you are using devices and equipment to access the Platforms that are free from
(f) Tell us as soon as you can if the security of your profile has been compromised or any unauthorised person has
accessed your profile
(g) Comply with these terms, our user guides, and any other instructions we give you in relation to your use of the

What you must NOT do:

(h) Don't use the Platforms for illegal or fraudulent purposes
(i) Don't attempt to use vouchers or points more than once
(j) Don't sell offers, rewards, points or vouchers or try to transfer them or allow someone else to claim them
(k) Don't claim any age-restricted offer or reward if you are under the required age
(l) Don't copy, reproduce, upload, post, modify, transmit, or mirror on another website or in any other media, nor
distribute or create derivative works of Tyl Offers and Rewards or our materials.

8 Suspending or terminating your access to Tyl Offers and Rewards

You may leave Tyl Offers and Rewards at any time by email to us. Details of our email address for this purpose are provided on the App. If you delete your profile, then all of the offers, rewards and points associated with your profile up to and including the date you leave Tyl Offers and Rewards will be deleted and forgotten. These historic offers, rewards and points will not be available to you if you re-register your card(s) to a Tyl Offers and Rewards profile in the future.

We may cancel your use of the Platforms at any time and for any reason. We will normally try to give you advance notice, but we are
not required to do so.

We will cancel or suspend your access to the Platforms immediately and without notice where:

(a) you have committed a serious breach of these terms, or have repeatedly breached them

(b) we reasonably believe that you are misusing the App or the Platforms

(c) we reasonably believe that the security of the App or the Platforms has been compromised (including suspected unauthorised use)

(d) we reasonably consider that by continuing to provide services we may break any law, regulation, code or other duty that applies to us or which we have agreed to follow

(e) you have been threatening or abusive towards our staff

(f) your profile has been inactive for a period that we consider to be excessive

The Platforms use services and technology provided by third parties. We will try to ensure that it is available for you to use at all times, although we cannot promise that it will be. We may have to suspend the Platforms or the App if we need to implement system changes, make upgrades or deal with technical or security problems.

If we suspend your use of the Platforms, you may stop collecting points and will not be able to access any retailer offers or rewards.

If we cancel your access, your profile will be deleted and your points, offers and rewards will be deleted.

9 Our Role and the Retailer's Role

We provide the technical infrastructure that enables participating retailers to publish offers and rewards. The offers and rewards that you get are provided by the retailer and not us.

This means that the retailer:

(a) sets all the terms and conditions of each offer and each reward

(b) for Tyl Rewards, agrees with us how many points you should earn for every pound you spend with them, or for any use of your payment card with them, and we will tell you what that is in the App

(c) decides whether and when to publish any offers or create any rewards

(d) for Tyl Rewards, decides how many points you need to redeem against an offer

(e) creates the terms of the vouchers that you see

(f) decides whether to withdraw offers or rewards and on what terms

(g) is responsible for providing you with what they have offered you, if you are eligible to claim it.

Participating retailers may have their own terms and conditions and privacy policy that will apply to their rewards and offers and it is your responsibility to ensure you review these. These may be published within the App or may be communicated to you separately by the retailer.


(a) provide you with a licence to use the App to enable you to keep an accurate track of your points, offers and rewards at each participating retailer

(b) provide the infrastructure that enables spend on a registered card with a retailer to automatically generate points linked to that retailer

(c) enable retailer offers and rewards to be published and taken up by you

(d) generate vouchers that you can present to a retailer in their store.

10 Data Protection

In the course of providing Tyl Offers and Rewards, we will obtain and process your Personal Data as a data controller for the purposes of the Data Protection Laws which means we are responsible for deciding how your Personal Data is used.

All personal data relating to you that we hold or process for the purpose of Tyl Offers and Rewards under these Cardholder Terms of Use, is held in accordance with the requirements of Data Protection Laws.

Our Privacy Policy sets out how we use your Personal Data, who we may share it with, the legal basis for doing so and your rights under
the Data Protection Laws. Our Privacy Policy is available on the website or the App.

We will be responsible for protecting the security of any payment card data you provide to us via the Platforms in accordance with applicable laws and any applicable card scheme rules.

We may share your Personal Data that you provide to us via the Platform with the third parties specified in our Privacy Policy to the
extent that such third parties require your Personal Data in order to be able to provide the services to.

We may also share your information with applicable regulators where required to do so under applicable law or regulation. Except for the preceding provisions, we may share your Personal Data that you provide to us via the Platform with the third parties specified in our Privacy Policy.

The Platform may transfer your information to countries outside of the EEA for the provision of our services. In such cases, appropriate contractual safeguards will be put in place to ensure that the service providers protect your information in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Laws.

You are protected under Data Protection Laws and under these Cardholder Terms of Use, you may request a copy of the information we hold about you and correct any inaccuracies.

11 Intellectual Property Rights

We are the owner or the licensee of all intellectual property rights in Tyl Offers and Rewards and our Tyl Offers and Rewards materials and their contents. Such rights are protected by laws and treaties around the world and we reserve all of these rights.

Other trademarks, service marks or logos that appear on the Platforms and App, including those of participating retailers, are the property of their respective owners and are likely to be registered trademarks and subject to restrictions as to their use. They must not be used without our express permission and, where applicable, the trademark owner's express permission.

12 What if things go wrong?

We endeavour to provide you with access to and the use of the Platforms at all reasonable times. We also agree to carry out our services with reasonable care and skill, which includes that we will seek to ensure the points balances shown in your account are an accurate record of the points earned and are as agreed between us and participating retailers.

But we do not promise to provide you with continuous or uninterrupted access to the Platforms. We do not, therefore, accept any liability to you if either Platform is not available to you.

There may also be technical defects that are caused by third parties involved in the card payment processes or in delivering services to us. There may also be circumstances that are beyond our reasonable control which cause defects in the Platforms. We are not responsible for any defects in the Platforms in these circumstances.

We are also not responsible to you for any losses which would not have been reasonably foreseeable by us at the relevant time.

We do not vet participating retailers and we are not responsible to you at all for any aspects of Tyl Offers and Rewards that the retailer is responsible for providing to you. We do not intervene in any disputes you have with retailers.

This means that, if you have any of the following types of concerns or issues, you need to contact the retailer and resolve these issues with them:

(a) a retailer's decision to honour or not to honour any offers or vouchers

(b) in relation to Tyl Rewards, a dispute over the amount of points you have earned, including the accuracy of the records of spend we have received

(c) the terms of an offer or reward, including its availability and the number of points the retailer requires you to use to get it

(d) the retailer taking down or amending any published offer or reward

(e) the expiry of a voucher for an offer or reward before you have been able to present this to the relevant retailer

(f) any defects in any products or services offered as part of any offer or reward

(g) the accuracy of any description of any offer or reward

(h) the amount or nature of offers or rewards being made available to you

(i) the compliance of any offers or rewards with any laws or regulations

(j) any retailer's promotion of the offers or rewards programmes or representations of what you would be entitled to

(k) all products or services purchased from or provided by the retailer.

The App may contain links to websites or content of retailers or other third parties. Any of that third party content will not have been verified or reviewed by us. We do not endorse participating retailers. You must make your own decisions about dealing with them and accessing any of their content. You cannot claim from us if anything goes wrong as a result of you dealing with them or accessing the information.

From time to time, our relationship with participating retailers may suspend or end. This may mean that you are no longer able to access your points with that retailer, or any offers or rewards they had published. If that happens, as the offers and reward programme is offered by the retailer, you will need to take up any dispute with them about any losses you may suffer as a result.

13 Your participation in Tyl Offers and Rewards

Tyl Offers and Rewards is a new platform and you are using an early version of the service. This means:

(a) its availability may be more limited than would be expected for a long-standing product

(b) it may be subject to periods of interruptions, delays or errors

(c) it may be subject to more maintenance and upgrade

(d) functionality and content of the App is subject to change without notice

(e) we may withdraw the Tyl Offers and Rewards Platform at any time if we consider this is necessary.

14 Customer Service and Complaints

We want to hear from you if you feel unhappy about the service you have received from us. Letting us know your concerns gives us the opportunity to put matters right for you and to improve service to all our customers. You can complain by:

(a) visiting your nearest NatWest, or Royal Bank of Scotland or Ulster Bank branch

(b) calling 0800 151 0404 (Minicom 0800 404 6161)

(c) visiting natwest.com and use our online form, or

(d) writing to us free post at Customer Relations Manager, Bede House, 11 Western Boulevard, Leicester LE2 7EJ.

Equally, if you have any queries or need any support in relation to the services that we provide you, and you cannot find the answer in the user guides or on the Platforms, please also get in touch with us by following the process set out on the "Support" section of the App.

If your query or complaint relates to anything that a participating retailer is responsible for, including any offer or reward, please contact the participating retailer and follow the participating retailer's usual complaints or queries process.

15 Changes to these Terms

We may change any part of these terms from time to time. Where we do so, if you have a profile, we will let you know of any such changes in advance where we are able to do so.

We may also change the terms to charge you fees for our services (or any aspect of them). If we were to do so, we would give you 30 days written notice and you will be able to end this agreement within that period without incurring any charges.

16 Contacting each other

We will contact you and give you any notices we are required to by sending it to your email address or providing it via a notification via the App.

You should contact us and give us any notices by sending them by post to Tyl by NatWest, PO Box 299, Hellaby, Rotherham, S98 1SS or to such other postal address or email address that we may, from time to time, provide on the App for the purposes of giving us notices.

17 General

If you live in Scotland, Scots law applies to this agreement. If you live in Northern Ireland, Northern Irish law applies. If you live anywhere else, then English law applies. If there’s a dispute between us, you can take legal action against us in any UK court.

No other person will have any rights to enforce the conditions of these terms under or by virtue of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999, except for any other member of the NatWest group of companies.

We may transfer our rights and/or obligations under the Terms or arrange for any other person to carry out our rights and/or obligations.

You may not transfer any of your rights and/or obligations under the Terms.

We can delay enforcing our rights under the Terms without losing them.

If any condition or part of these terms is or becomes illegal or cannot be enforced, then it will be treated as being deleted from these terms and it will not affect the enforceability of the other conditions or parts of these terms.

These Terms, the services we provide in the App, and any communications we send to you, will be in English.

18 Information about us

National Westminster Bank Plc. trading as Tyl by NatWest a company registered in England and Wales (Registered Number 929027), having its registered office at 250 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 4AA.

National Westminster Bank Plc is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. National Westminster Bank Plc is entered on the Financial Services Register and its Register number is 121878. The Financial Services Register can be accessed at www.fca.org.uk/register. These services do not fall within the scope of services that are regulated by these regulators. Our registered VAT number is GB 243852752. ‘Tyl by NatWest’ is a trading name of National Westminster Bank plc.