Say goodbye to loyalty cards

It’s easy. Download the app, link your bank card and get ready to redeem rewards from some of your favourite local businesses.

Compatible mobile device required. Eligible payment card required (exclusions apply). Points have no monetary value and cannot be used towards Rewards with other retailers. £1 spend earns 10 Tyl Reward points or 1 visit for 10 Tyl rewards points. Offer may be withdrawn at any time.

How it works

Sign up (it’s fast and free)

Simply download the Tyl Rewards app and create your account. Over time, you’ll earn points which you can redeem at those same go-to shops.

Link your payment cards

Link your existing payment cards so you can start collecting points. Since Tyl Rewards is app-based, there’s no need to remember where you left your loyalty stamp.

Get points when you pay

Keep up your normal spending habits and enjoy watching your points rack up on the app - we’ll take care of the rest.


We’ll let you know when you’ve earnt enough points to redeem a reward. When you’re ready, you activate the voucher in the app and voila! Enjoy your rewards.

Start earning rewards and supporting local businesses today

Whenever you use your linked payment card with a business offering Tyl Rewards you’ll be joining a growing number of people earning rewards while staying loyal to local. What’s not to love?

Start earning rewards and supporting local businesses today


How do I join the Rewards scheme?

You can download the Tyl Rewards app from both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. Then just sign up, link your card and away you go.

How do I earn points?

You earn points every time you spend with a business offering Tyl Rewards. You'll receive 10 points for every £1 you spend or 10 points for every visit and these will be added to your account in the mobile app.

How do I know who is using Tyl Rewards?

Look out for the Tyl Rewards logo on display near the door or by the till. Once you’ve used your payment card with a business that is offering Tyl Rewards, it will show up in your app.

What if I activate a reward by accident?

If you activate a reward by accident, let the business know and they'll be able to undo it for you.

Why have I got a message to say my voucher has expired?

When you activate a reward, a countdown of 15 minutes starts for you to redeem your reward. When the 15 minutes has passed, the voucher will expire.

What does it mean to link my card?

In order for us to add points to your account when you spend with Tyl Rewards businesses, we need to be able to match them to a payment card that you're using. The card that you link will be the one that you'll earn the points with. You can add more than one card in the app if you regularly use more than one payment card.

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